Program up for St. Louis crusades conference

Posted: January 13, 2010 in Crusades

Well, the program for the crusades conference has been posted. This looks very exciting–not quite as exciting as that conference over in Syria and Jordan recently, but close. I’m afraid nothing quite beats going to a conference session in the Krak de Chevaliers…

Here’s the link to the program:

The annoying thing is that the sessions are concurrent, which will necessitate a bit of jumping around–I’ve learned that, at events like this, time is too precious to adhere to the normal dictates of politeness and attend an entire session just to hear one paper. The chance to hear my former advisor, Eva Haverkamp, give what will doubtless be another excellent presentation, is my main reason for going. However, the program looks very exciting in any case, and I’ve observed that conferences are, for my own part, extremely exciting and dynamic occasions…Among the papers I’m looking forward to hearing (barring the plenary sessions, which will happen as a matter of course):

“Turks on the Hills: The Seljuks of Asia Minor Fighting Crusaders and Byzantium”
Roman Shlyakhtin, Central European University

“The Rhetoric of Reconquest: Pope Urban II and the Populus Christianus”
Matthew Gabriele, Virginia Tech University

“What Pope Urban II Understood by Crusading”
Paul E. Chevedden, Ctr. for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, UCLA

“Rough Diplomacy in the Crusade of Henry VI”
Daniel Webb, Saint Louis University

“National Identity, Language, and Internal Conflict in the Armies of the First Crusade”
Alan V. Murray, University of Leeds

“‘A Man Totally Devoted to War and to God’: The Spiritualization of Godfrey of Bouillon, 1100-1145”
Simon John, Swansea University

“The Self under Siege: Ideas of Identity and the “Other” in the Era of the Crusades”
Mith Barnes, University of Louisville

“Gregory VII and the Idea of a Military-Religious Order”
Paul Crawford, California University of Pennsylvania

“Visionary Intellectual or Ordinary Knight? The Early Career of Philip of Mézières”
Anne Romine, Saint Louis University

“The Last Crusade in Medieval Spain: the War for Granada (1482-1492)”
Bárbara Boloix-Gallardo, Washington University

“Ecclesiastical Chivalry: A New Model of the Military Orders”
Sam Conedera, S.J., Fordham University

Can’t wait…


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