A few new medieval links, and some news…

Posted: February 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

A few recent databases and catalogs to which I was introduced the other evening by a friend:

The Morgan Library and Museum has digitized their manuscripts, and I can’t wait to explore the collection…

France might lack organization in other aspects of government and society (that’s more an observation than a judgment), but academically the French government has its act together. The Ministry of Culture has a web portal for all museum holdings and catalogs in France. Vive la France!

And apparently a major conflict archeology study has been completed, or nearly completed, and the true location of Bosworth field is about to be revealed. Among the speakers will be familiar names, such as Anne Curry, Matthew Strickland, Steve Walton, and Robert Hardy.

Also from Medieval News, something about which I know virtually nothing: medieval Sweden. Apparently the major Swedish statesman Birger jarl is having celebrated his eighth centenary. There’s even a facebook group about the event–sobering to think that, less than a decade after it was created, Facebook has become the benchmark of whether an event is “noteworthy.”

Just to follow up on that thought for a moment, I’m one of the “first wave” of college facebook users, since Rice was one of the first batch of schools to be allowed access to the site after the Ivies. Memory fails as to when exactly I joined, but it must have been in the autumn of 2004, since I had my own individual dorm room, and I believe the site was opened up around June or so. I recall one of my roommates berating me for not being more technically and socially savvy, and creating an account for me right there. How times have changed…The younger generation soon won’t be able to remember a time without this tool. And it remains a very useful tool, I think.


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