France and Germany going their own ways…

Posted: April 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

So, here’s an interesting article from The New York Times, April 12, on how internal European diplomacy is going increasingly awry, and centers on Germany’s increasing determination to act “normally,” as opposed to France, who is more focused on preserving unity, the Euro, and so on.   Not a very uplifting picture for the future of Europe, if you ask me (though nobody did…but since I have a blog, does that really matter?).   On the other hand, if Greece fails anyway (which seems likely…) it would be rather ridiculous for Germany to dump what’s left of its Cold War prosperity into propping up a failing state.  

(Left: premiers of France and Germany, from the article)

And, just to expand on this subject, the NYT has obligingly constructed an interactive graphic on how Europe in general is dealing with debt and credit:


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