Journalist in war ponders troubling questions

Posted: April 19, 2010 in Uncategorized
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This is the title of an article by AP correspondent Christopher Torchia; it appeared in the Boston Globe on the 17th.  A list of other articles he’s done, mostly for the BG, can be found here.  I haven’t been following the war and war reporting that well lately–the grad student life has a way of encroaching on other activities rather like those vines that strangle trees…can’t remember what they are called.  BUT, this seems like a very thoughtful article, and I’ll definitely be watching for more.  He makes an interesting point regarding the downside to embedded reporting, but on the whole one has a lot of respect for guys who go out there with the troops, rather than just reporting on the aftermath.  Reminds me of some of the stories I’ve read about Joe Galloway in Vietnam–though apparently when he went to the front lines, he was regarded as a bit of an oddity.  Things sure have changed…


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