Journal of Medieval Military History, volume 7

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So, I just received my copy of the new volume in the mail today, and it’s REALLY exciting (to me anyway).  Nice image on the front cover, too.  I’d forgotten that it was going to be devoted to the Hundred Years’ War, and the articles are just gold for my dissertation, especially those by Barber, Hoskins, Savy, Gribit, and Rogers.  I’ve just read most of Gribit’s article, and it’s a great help in illustrating how to put all these different service and administrative records together, as I’ve been trying to do, and will be doing solidly from now till…I’m done, I guess.   Here is the table of contents as it appears on De Re Militari’s website:

The Military Role of the Order of the Garter, by Richard W Barber

The Itineraries of the Black Prince’s Chevauchées of 1355 and 1356: Observations and Interpretations, by Peter Hoskins

The Chevauchée of John Chandos and Robert Knolles: Early March to Early June, 1369, byNicolas Savy

‘A Voyage, or Rather an Expedition, to Portugal’: Edmund of Langley’s Jouney to Iberia, June/July 1381, by Douglas Biggs

The Battle of Aljubarrota [1385]: A Reassessment, by Joo Gouveia Monteiro

‘Military’ Knighthood in the Lancastrian Era: the Case of Sir John Montgomery, by Gilbert Bogner

Medieval Romances and Military History: Marching Orders in Jean de Bueil’s Le Jouvencel introduit aux armes, by Matthieu Chan Tsin

Arms and the Art of War: The Ghentenaar and Brugeois Militia in 1477-79, by J F Verbruggen

Accounting for Service at War: the Case of Sir James Audley of Heighley, by Nicholas Gribit

The Black Prince in Gascony and France [1355-6], According to MS78 of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, by  Clifford J Rogers


If you haven’t had a chance to look at this volume, do it now!!!


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