More New Jersey news…

Posted: April 28, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I suddenly thought, hey, why not keep some tabs on what my fabulous home state is up to?!  Ohhhhhhh boy, I might regret this.  Here are some of the latest doings from the Garden State:

New Jersey is currently facing a $1.7 unemployment fund deficit, and if they can’t get it under control, taxes on businesses will go up over 50%.  That’ll work, sure…

Is there anything more annoying than Ocean Township highschoolers trying to protest?  You decide…[Granted, I might protest too under these circumstances.]

Apparently Solomon Dwek is having a book written about him, by two Star-Ledger reporters…go figure.


Oh, and in another “go figure” moment, the Iraqi elections court has disqualified candidates, thus swinging the election back within the incumbent’s grasp.  Eh, old news, I guess.


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