Another round-up of random military news…

Posted: April 29, 2010 in Uncategorized
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There’s no rhyme or reason to this news…these are just articles which caught my eye.

I’ll lead off with short-but-succinct article from, taking another look at this growing tempest over PowerPoint in the military…

Apparently military pay is better than private sector pay, which I find somewhat surprising, to be honest…

And here’s short story about how the two al-Qaeada commanders killed this month were tracked down.

General Dynamics and Northrop Grumman are doing just fine, economic downturn be &#^%!!  You just can’t argue with the fact that war is profitable…

Two articles here on the Iranian military…apparently there are Iranian special forces in Venezuela.  Interesting.  And Daniel Darling gives an assessment of the Iranian military, which is generally in line with what I understood of the situation.  I used to study these kinds of assessments a lot around 5 years ago.  The only point I would question is the emphasis on the obsolescence of the army’s equipment, which, while generally true, perhaps pays insufficient attention to various R&D projects.  Iran, with external assistance, has been developing new MBT, as well as, if memory serves, new APC and possibly artillery systems.  Not that this development is occurring fast enough or in such quantity as to make a significant impact in the immediate future, but such items shouldn’t be discounted in assessments, I think.


Off to continue the morning…Classes are now over (thank God!), and I take a deep breath and begin to wrap up the semester…Grading, dissertation, finals, dissertation, presentation, dissertation, grading, dissertation.  You get the picture.


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