Egads, a couple more Robin Hood stories!!!

Posted: May 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

Found a couple more articles, and thought I would share.  Michael Shelton’s review is very well done, and is worth a read.  And there’s another article discussing the “origins” of Robin Hood.  I’m always intrigued, but skeptical, of this kind of talk, but David Crook commands a justifiably formidable reputation as a scholar and archivist, and should be read carefully.  Arguably, no one knows the records better than he does–his work in the Pipe Rolls, Curia Regis Rolls, and Eyres suggests as much.  So, an interesting article…

After seeing the film again, I’m thinking the biggest issue is that they compressed the ending, and rushed it.  After taking their time through most of the film (which I see as a strength, rather than a weakness), it seems that they made a whole lot of quick connections and setups in order to get our folks to the greenwood.  Let me put it this way: the Marshal would have told John what the king wanted to hear at the crucial point in the battle–and with that noted, the last 5-10 minutes gets very weak.  Hopefully the director’s cut will take care of that…

It’s still waaaaaaaay better than Kingdom of Heaven was when it came out!


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