Kevin Cosner’s Oil Spill Centrifuge…and BP’s Youtube channel

Posted: June 29, 2010 in Uncategorized
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This is a couple of days old, but it’s intriguing nevertheless.  Now, granted, this IS BP’s own channel, after all, so you’d expect “positivity,” optimism, and hype.  It’s interesting, and rather depressing, that despite its constant presence in new sources the oil spill/leak/disaster/whatever-you-want-to-call-it generally has a much lower profile than a disaster of this caliber normally has.  As one of my friends complained a couple weeks ago, where’s all the media and celebrity attention (aside from Kevin Cosner, that is) that you normally see with an event like this?  Apparently BP is recruiting the local fishing fleets into service–but that just temporarily clouds the fact that these folks’ livelihoods are gone for the foreseeable future, and that as soon as BP decides that the project has gone far enough, they’re on their own.  Obviously, to be continued…

  1. Outlander says:

    Part of this, as you suggest, is our ability to be horrified and concerned about something for a few key moments, then forget about it altogether (Haiti, Darfur, Transformers 2).

    However, the profile for this particular disaster has been lowered by design; it did not just happen. BP has practically commandeered the civic government and law enforcement of Grand Isle like a conquering army. Press access is still being restricted, despite reports to the contrary.

    In any case, BPTV is not the place to learn about things which are actually happening. Check out and follow journalist Mac McClelland on twitter – – for the straight dope, as they say.

  2. Many thanks for your insightful comments! You’re confirming what I was suspecting. I’m following Mac McClelland now. Thanks again!

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