Afghanistan and Defense round-up, for the past week

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Uncategorized
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None of what follows below is new, but I figure it’s convenient to have everything in one page (and, more to the point, I’m getting really tired of having all these tabs open on Firefox).  Most of this is off of NPR, for what it’s worth.

In the aftermath of the McChrystal Affair, Secretary Gates has been revising “rules of engagement” with The Press.  There are a lot of good links, interviews, audio, and documentary links in this story, from July 7.

Meanwhile, fighting has apparently increased in Afghanistan,  as General Petraeus takes command and tries to instill a greater sense of cooperation than his predecessor did (by many accounts, at least).  I think it’s safe to say no one has any illusions over the general’s appointment, or the significance of the next few months’ operations.  Jackie Northam’s story from June 30 summarizes these feelings nicely.  “Grim” is probably not the right word, but “tense” certainly seems an appropriate descriptor of the situation and its participants.

And in a slightly different vein, here are two related articles about the Army’s medical care and treatments for soldiers suffering from brain injuries, and the issues surrounding serious allegations of lack of sufficient treatments.  Again, lots of links from these pages.

Ok, that’s done…In other news…well, I’m definitely rooting for Germany in a few hours, though I’m probably going to miss the game, as I’m on campus and have a lot of work to get done!  But, SCHLAAAAAND!!!!!  (as they say).  No Mueller, though, so this could be tricky.

Also, I’m in the process of reading Clausewitz cover-to-cover, as this is on my to-do list for the summer.  Look for updates, book by book (eight books in all), as the summer progresses.


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