We all knew this would happen…The Sims: Medieval is coming our way

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

Ok, here we go…I should have known that this would come along sooner or later.  I’m actually surprised it hasn’t come along sooner, actually.  The Sims: Medieval will be released in 2011.  That’s it, enough said.  Thanks to Medievalists.net for finding EA Games’ announcement on the subject.  I have made fun of people for a looooong time for playing The Sims.  Well…I could see myself buying this at some point next year.  Arrrr…..

  1. Menzies says:

    This should be interesting – I wonder how they’ll work the “neighborhood” mechanics (fief? other f-words?) out in a medieval-era setting.

    Also it’d be awesome to have actual social classes in a Sims game. Just putting that out there.

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