Hopefully my last post on the Gulf oil disaster…

Posted: August 4, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Well, it’s current news, and important news at that, so I figured I’d post a couple of the leading stories as they’ve come across my email and twitter feeds.  Apparently the bleakity-blankety well is being successfully plugged, as NPR reports from BP’s press release.  And of course they don’t really want to spend the money drilling relief wells now…Go Admiral Allen for telling them where they get off.

And now the government is going to announce that, hey presto, over 70% of the oil is already gone.  Not sure if I believe that–it’s just a little too cute.  But, however it may be (and for the record, they’re not downplaying ecological damage), The New York Times has a decent article on this assessment.

Finally, just to dip into politics for a moment, apparently the Bush tax cuts are becoming a political hot potato for all involved.  Keep them, but we need the money; lose them, and consumer confidence/spending power hurts the economy.  No win situation, I guess, but personally, I wouldn’t mind having the extra money.  I’m going to need it to cover the utility hike which RG&E is going to lay on us shortly.  Apparently yesterday was the last opportunity to present your opinion in an open-meeting forum–and it was attended by about 50 people.  Way to go, civics (Not that I’m one to talk, as I didn’t know either.  But I like complaining.).


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