CFP: Mid-America Medieval Association Conference

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This in (and copied and pasted below) from H-HRE, regarding the association’s conference on February 26, 2011.  They’ve got Sarah Kay as their plenary speaker, so that’s a guarantee of a quality event right there. (For those who don’t know, Dr. Kay did that wonderful edition of Raoul de Cambrai…such a great chivalric tale).  I would be tempted to put in a proposal, but I’ll be at our own graduate conference that same day (which is also looking to be a fascinating event in its own right, if the proposals we’ve received so far are any indication).  Anyway, here’s the MAMA call for papers:

Deadline for submission of abstracts for the
Thirty-Fifth Annual Mid-America Medieval Association Conference

This years conference topic is Medieval Recycling

* Conference date: February 26, 2011 (opening reception the evening before)
* Location: The University of Missouri—Kansas City

*Deadline for one-page abstracts is December 15, 2010

*Plenary Speaker: Dr. Sarah Kay, Professor of French, Princeton University,
“Recycling the Troubadours: Quotation and the Development of European Poetry”

The Mid-America Medieval Association invites paper proposals for its
annual conference. We welcome twenty-minute papers on the conference
topic or any medieval topic. (Proposals for sessions – 3 papers, with
or without a chairperson – are also welcome.)

*The medieval world saw the creative recycling of ideas, images,
materials and practices from classical antiquity and elsewhere
throughout the span of a thousand years. We would like for this
conference to explore the re-use and re-imagining of both material
objects and ideas in a variety of domains, from things like tropes and
citations used in texts and charters, to the copying of images, to the
re-using of materials such as parchment (for instance, the discoveries
found in things like palimpsests and binding fragments), architectural
elements, or building materials. Other possible ways to think about
the topic might include focusing on the transmission of ideas or
techniques through different cultural lenses and perspectives.

Send a one-page abstract by December 15 to:
Dr. Kathy M. Krause
Fax: 816-235-1312



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