There’s a small group of films that have caught my attention in the past few weeks, though I probably won’t wind up going to see them in theaters…I do confess to seeing the latest Harry Potter film, which lost some pace about half way through.  But it’s nice to see a director not be afraid to take his time with a story, instead of frantically cutting and pasting.  As for upcoming films…Apparently Daniel Day-Lewis is going to play Abraham Lincoln in Spielberg’s biopic.  Interesting choice, and probably a very good one.  The Green Hornet has long been on the concept board, and now it’s coming out, with Seth Rogen and Jay Chou as the leads.  Looks pretty entertaining, and seems to rely on some uncommon narrative strategies, mainly with the hero-sidekick dynamic, as Chou is just as integral to the story as is Rogen.  Aaaand let’s not forget Cowboys and Aliens, which has, well, cowboys and aliens.  And Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford.  And directed by Jon Favreau.  I’m so there…   Oh, and just for kicks, there’s yet another Roman legionnaire movie coming out, The Eagle; Channing Tatum, in what looks like a serious take on Roman military life.  We’ll see.


  1. tanya says:

    “I do confess to seeing…”

    As if Harry Potter fun were a crime – sad! 🙂

  2. Haha, well, I just can’t help feeling that it somehow compromises some non-existent persona of mine…Having never read the books, it at least makes me some kind of HP poser, I think!! 🙂

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