Calls for Papers: Graduate Conferences at Boston, Cornell, and Virginia Tech

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I received these from H-Grad this morning, and thought I’d pass them along.  One history, one English, and one German Studies.

Title: 3rd Annual Boston University Graduate History Conference
Location: Massachusetts
Deadline: 2010-12-31
Description: The Boston University American Political History
Institute welcomes submissions for the third annual graduate
student political history conference, “Beyond the Ballot:
Reconsidering Politics in American History.” For this years
conference,to take place Friday, April 1 and Saturday, April 2,
2011, we …
Announcement ID: 181107

Title: CFP: Virginia Tech English Graduate Conference 2/26/2011
Location: Virginia
Deadline: 2011-01-01
Description: Virginia Techs English Graduate Organization is
holding its annual Graduate Conference on February 26, 2011.
This years theme is Perspectives. As graduate scholars,
teaching assistants, and creative writers, we each bring unique
perspectives to the contexts in which we write and the texts
that we pr …
Announcement ID: 181131

Title: CFP – Uses and Abuses of Aesthetics Today (graduate student
Location: New York
Deadline: 2011-01-05
Description: Sinn und Sinnlichkeit: Uses and Abuses of Aesthetics
Today Graduate Student Conference in German Studies at Cornell
University Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art February 18-19,
2011 Keynote Speaker: Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, Stanford
University Plenary Speaker: Peter Gilgen, Cornell University
Recent ye …
Announcement ID: 181097


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