A long over-due update…

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Hello everyone, and apologies for most of March going by without any posts whatsoever!!!  I’ve been overseas for a bit, and have been having an extremely hectic, but ultimately profitable, time.  Not financially profitable, as I’m in England, but certainly intellectually and spiritually profitable. Which is more important, correct?

ANYWAY, I’m finally getting things sorted out to the point where I can post things–and there’s certainly been so much to post, both in terms of world happenings and personal/professional updates.  All will be addressed in time.  Time. Oh to fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds’ worth of distance run…[Kipling…Picked up a volume of his poems in Stratford-upon-Avon the other day. I find Kipling endlessly fascinating; there’s so much more to him than the notorious “White Man’s Burden” (which itself is considerably more complex than most high-school aged kids think…).]

As for a quick update of my doings…The true “mother load” manuscripts for my dissertation are the French and German Rolls, C76.  This is where you have seemingly endless military memoranda–orders to admirals and earls, to sheriffs and supply officers, orders regarding supply and victualing, letters of protection and powers of attorney, records of retinue members, and military service.  Reading and photographing, that’s the order of the day.  And browsing the Issue Rolls, as I can–but that’s extremely time consuming, and time is going by too quickly. And I’ll have to leave the Memoranda Rolls for the book, I’m afraid. But in the mean time, the military and diplomatic documents I’m obtaining are helping my project immensely.

I’ve also been seeing friends and spending time with my “Significant Other,” who happens to be over here doing research of her own. Sadly, she’s going back to the States on Friday [sniff…].  But, seeing the British Museum (again, for both of us), Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick Castle, and Southwark Cathedral, among other places, has been very special.  And I nipped up to Durham briefly to visit a friend and fellow Rice alum, who is now doing her doctorate in Norse lit.  I was duly overawed by the cathedral and the castle.  Yesterday and Monday I went to the REAL Stratford-upon-Avon with Megan (the afore-mentioned SO), and I have to say, Stratford Ontario has done a good job re-creating the original version.  The church and grave of Billy S were amazing, for sure.  And yesterday morning I did my morning run along the banks of the Avon, feeling very smug for some reason (must have had something to do with necromantic acts of proximity and evoking the body of the author, heh heh).  And finally yesterday afternoon we went to Warwick Castle, which somehow manages to combine lots of Renn-Faire-esque fun-and-games with a lot of really solid presentations and displays. Excellent times.  They’ve chosen to focus on Warwick’s preparations for the Battle of Barnet (where he was killed), so there’s plenty of drama and intrigue.

So, there’s a quick update.  Now, I’m off to examine BL Additional MS 7967, and start looking at Cotton Nero C.VIII.  Till next time…


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