I am FINALLY getting back to more regular posting, I think…I think…well, the last few months have been pretty intense, and I haven’t had as much time as a blog demands.  But that’s slowly changing, as I get a handle on my schedule and work load this summer. Things are really crackling these days–chapters, three or four articles, conferences, reviews, and  now some teaching in the fall.  And some really positive feedback on job applications.  All in all, right about where I should be.

Ok, so here are some interesting items that I’ve come across in the last few days. Some won’t be new to you folks, some will be. Some will be boring, some will be of great interest.  First, the AHA has a brief post on the “Gay Girl in Damascus” blog situation, including a link to a recent column in The Chronicle of Higher Education.  Raises a lot of great points about professional ethics, and well worth reading.  Second, everyone should really take a look at the AHA’s blog “What We’re Reading”–tons of great stuff every week, but this week in particular there’s a lot of reporting on current grant funding situations, and recent digital humanities workshops and intiatives. Third, here’s the link to the recent PBS feature Kill/Capture, on special operations against Taliban/Al Qaeda fighters.  It was referenced several times at SMH, so I thought I’d look it up.  Happy viewing.

Next, there’s a new magazine called Medieval Warfare, which just published its first issue. Looks to be quite cool, though I don’t know much about it. Published out of Switzerland, apparently, which with shipping puts it a bit outside my budget right now. My friend Peter has an article in this issue, and they apparently accept pieces of moderate length.

Of the many articles and news bits posted on Medievalists.net, a few in particular have caught my eye recently. Dr. Lorraine Stock, from my old cross-town rival institution U of Houston, was awarded the inaugural Bonnie Wheeler Summer Fellowship; looks to be a fascinating research project. Other recent articles worth reading: John Lowden on the Holkham Bible and its illuminations;  a short note on recent research into how much meat medieval folks ate.

The NYT’s Civil War blog has continued its great coverage, though I haven’t been able to keep up with it of late as I would have liked.  A recent entry on early uniforms makes for a fun read, though.

And lastly, here’s an article from June 15 discussing the recent debates between Congress and the White House over Libya operations and the war powers act.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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