New adventures in England, coming up…

Posted: July 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Just a quick post to let folks know what I’m going to be doing for the next couple weeks. Oh boy, it will be a busy time.  I’ll be doing four presentations in 7 days, and am right now looking forward to getting some sleep on my flight in an hour or so.

So, just a quick run-down of what kind of posts you can expect in the next few weeks: first, updates from the symposium The Crusades, Islam, and Byzantium” in London this Friday and Saturday. I’m commenting on a session, and having a pre-circulated paper critiqued as well.  That should be fun, especially as in reviewing my notes and sources yesterday I realized that I am taking on more scholars than I realized with my paper (soon to be article) “England and the Jerusalem Crusade in the Fourteenth Century: The Enigma of Edward III.”  I know the sources, however (historical, art, religious, and literary), and I believe this has traction; short version, it focuses on what I would hesitantly call a “decline” of the Jerusalem crusade during Edward III’s reign, esp. the first half of it. In other words, after the ‘recovery treatise’ phase and before the Ricardian crusade initiatives.  And it’s a more sophisticated argument than you might think from that one-sentence summary. Heh heh.

Then on Sunday I’m off to Leeds, for the ICM, where I’m doing a round table and delivering a paper. So, look for updates and reports on the congress.  I’ll finish on Thursday with the battlefield and castle tour led by Kelly DeVries, which should be a lot of fun.

Then I meet up with my girlfriend in Leeds, from whence we will visit Bronte country, before returning to London for some research at the British Library. And finally we meet up with one of our London friends, and my brother Matt, who is returning from research in Italy, in order to catch some Shakespeare before he and I fly home on the 20th.

In other words, pretty action-packed, and non-stop. I’ll update as I can, but send me good thoughts if you can.  Pax vobiscum till whenever!


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