You have two cows–the Chivalry Version

Posted: January 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Ok, so, the last couple posts have been very serious and heavy-going.  Partly because of that, partly because I’m exhausted and feeling whimsical, and partly because I know that by posting it here I can reach more people than through other media, here’s a change of pace, and a challenge:

You have two cows–The Chivalry Version

Ok, here is the task: You have two cows. Fill in the appropriate scenario for each of the characters below, or however many you feel like. Have fun, be creative, and experiment! Oh, and do repost as you feel like it (though please toss me some credit! 😛 )…

A Norman Knight

A German knight

A Spanish Knight

A French Knight

An English Knight

A Scottish Knight

A Cataphract

An Italian Knight (so-called, anyway)

A Hospitaller

A Templar

A Teutonic Knight

John Hawkwood

Edward III

Robert Bruce

Edward I

William Wallace

Geoffroi de Charny

Joan of Arc

Richard the Lionheart

Philip Augustus

Frederick Barbarossa

Henry V

Marshal Boucicaut

William Marshal

Arthur de Richemont

Bertrand de Guesclin

Bohemond and Tancred


  1. Lector Peregrinus says:

    Frederick Barbarossa: You have two cows. One is German, one is Italian. If you spend more time with the German cow, the Italian cow gets moody and won’t give you milk, and vice versa. One day, you decide that for the cows to get along, you should take them to the really big town far away so everyone can see what an awesome dairy farmer you are. It gets to be the hottest part of summer and you and the cows get covered in sweat.

    On the way to the big town, the cows jump in the river to cool off and promptly drown.

  2. A true conundrum for all mediaevalists. I’d happily give Henry V the two cows – he could slaughter them during battle instead of his prisoners. Two benefits: his soldiers have meat to eat instead of berries; he could then ransom his prisoners, bringing more badly needed revenues to the English Crown.

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