I suppose most folks are by now aware that the program to this year’s International Medieval Congress at Kalamazoo, Michigan, is now available from the Congress web page.  This will be my last ‘Zoo as a grad student, and I hope to make the most of it. At the rate I’m going now, I’ll be in that stage where I’m between turning in the diss and defending it, so I’ll literally have “nothing to do” (yeah right, reality check…).   With that in mind, here’s a run down of what caught my eye in this year’s schedule, and a fair blue print of sessions to which I’ll be going (the ones in italics being my main priority).  Can’t wait for May…As Chaucer and Malory can tell you, May is when all the fun starts.


Thursday at 10:00

Session 32 (mine).  Yup, I’m among those lucky ones ‘opening’ the conference.  Yipee.  My paper is “Crusade and Imperium in Staufer Germany, 1170-1200.”  Thanks, David, for letting me participate!

Other sessions of interest, that I unfortunately won’t be able to attend:

–Session 35. Rethinking Cultures and Identities in the Medieval Mediterranean I (Giebfried’s paper on the Temple Mount looks interesting)

–Session 47 the Age of Las Navas: Iberia at the Turn of the Thirteenth Century (kind of speaks for itself–there’s a lot of Las Navas this year)

Thursday at 1:30

Session 59, In Honor of Thomas F. X. Noble II, paper by Phillip Wynn, ‘The Carolingian Invention of Ordeal by War’

Session 73, Medieval Chronicles

Session 96, De Re Militari, the Eight Hundredth Anniversary of the Battle of Las navas de Tolosa: The Military Aspects  (For myself, De Re Militari will basically win out over any other session, except for White Hart or the odd SSCLE panel).

Thursday, 3:30

Session 100 In Celebration of the Yale Edward III  (A Roundtable) [Oh boy, this looks to be fun. The achievement of a lifetime, is Ormrod’s book.]

Session 101, Sacred Violence in the Middle Ages; paper by James G. Kroemer, “A second Lok at the Concept of Sacred Violence in the Writings of Bernard of Clairvaux”

Session 103, Medieval Chroniclers and Their Authors

Session 109 Middle English Chronicle and Romance, paper  by Daniel M. Murtaugh, “Havelok the Dane: Kingship, Hunger, and Purveyance”

Session 127, Medieval Germany: Defining the Empire [Aaaaaand the first of my serious conflicts is here. I really want to hear Jonathan Lyon’s and David Bachrach’s papers. Unfortunately, given the location, it will be difficult to get from one to the other. Grrrrr…This is what happens when you have feet in both camps.]

Session 131, Papers by Undergraduates II (my brilliant friend Sebastian’s session)

Session 139, paper by John W. Ellis-Etchison on Palomydes’ Saracen Chivalry

Session 145 The Nine Worthies  [Ach…]

Session 150, 1212 Remembered: The Eight Hundreth Anniversary of Las Navas de Tolosa  [Also of interest, but alas…]

5:00 pm, Hill Museum reception  [Yes, I’m including the receptions.  Problem? Didn’t think so…]

Thursday 7:30

Session 171 Las Navas de Tolosa (1212): A Commemoration of Its Eight Hundredth Anniversary

Session 173, “Mighty Protectors for the Merchant Class.” [My friend David Perry’s paper on Venetian merchants should be of interest. His work is always careful, well-researched, and very well presented. A historian who knows powerpoint is mighty indeed!]

Thursday 9:00 pm

Receptions–PIMS/Durham, Toronto, Boydell and Brewer, Leeds/York  [These are always good receptions, with lots of good conversation and company.]


Plenary, 8:30, David Wallace, Conceptualizing Literary History: Europe, 1348–1418   [This will be well worth going to, Wallace enjoying a deservedly high reputation, and the project being conceptually different–check out the web page at U Penn.]

Friday 10:00 am

Session 196 High in Protean Content: Chivalry and Its Transformations  [Steve Muhlberger’s papers are always worth going to hear!]

Session 199 Crown and Countryside in Late Medieval England  [Interesting papers, White Hart panel]

Session 232  Fifty Years After Lynn White’s Medieval Technology and Social Change (1962) I: Military-Technical Revolutions [This one will probably win out for me, but I’m uncertain…]

Friday at 1:30

Session 246  Studies in Memory of James M. Powell I  [Wonderful-sounding papers here by Cecilia Gaposchkin, Jessalynn Byrd, and Linda Paterson, mostly on thirteenth-century crusading]

Session 248  Sword in Hand I: Practical Insights into the Medieval Long Sword  [AAAAAH, I so want to go to this session, but unfortunately the next one is just too strong]

Session 251  Kingship and Politics in Late Medieval England  [Again, this one is going to win out…can’t pass up a chance to hear Ormrod’s talk, and my friend Chris Berard from Toronto]

Friday at 3:30

Sesssion 300  Studies in Memory of James M. Powell II [Again, good stuff here]

Session 302  Sword in Hand II: But One Art of the Sword: Comparison between Fiore’s and Lichtenauer’s Approaches to the Fight (A Demonstration)  [Ditto the situation with the previous sword session]

Session 305  Violence and Warfare during the Hundred Years War  [Oh, a very fine session indeed. Chris Given-Wilson’s paper, and my friend and colleague Chris Guyol’s presentation.]

Friday, 5:00 pm

Palgrave Macmillan reception

5:30  White Hart Lecture–David Green!!!  [Yes, the exclamation points are genuine. I really admire David’s work, have had the pleasure of being on a panel with him and talking to him on various occasions, and his topic, “Kings and Kingship in the Hundred Years War”, is sure to be very, very interesting.]

6:30  SSCLE dinner [I think I’ll actually cough up the money and go, having chanced on the dinner last year, and realizing that it is very good indeed]

9:00 pm   Brill  and Ashgate Receptions  [usually excellent]

10:00 pm  U Penn Reception  [Quality]


8:30, Plenary Lecture–Paul Binski, “The Heroic Age of Gothic: Invention and Its Contexts 1200-1400”  [ I might go, just because I like art history and Gothic architecture…]

Saturday 10:00 a.m. Sessions

Session 359  De Re Militari, Virumque Cano: Those Fighting Medieval Wars

Session 372  White Hart, Politics and Political Literature  in Late Medieval England [Ah, what with my friend Ilana Krug’s paper, Susan Foran’s paper, and Joel Rosenthal chairing, I think this one might win out over De Re this time]

Session 373  Studies in Medieval Romance in Honor of Harriet Hudson [Med. Ass. Of the Midwest]

Noon–De Re Militari business meeting

Saturday 1:30 Sessions

Session 404  the Seven Hundredth Anniversary of the Suppression of the Templars [Oh, this looks really good–Paul Crawford moderating; Nicholson, Burgtorf, and Forey giving interestingly-titled papers.  I’ll go with this one by default, but might change my mind]

Session 410  Medievalists and Teaching World History: What’s Important and Why? (A Roundtable)  [Of great pedagogical interest…]

Session 415  The Origin of the Crusades in the Western Mediterranean  [With Don Kagay chairing, and Paul Chevedden organizing and presenting, another great session…]

Session 418  De Re Militari, Arma: The Technology of Fighting Wars [WAY too many interesting sessions in this time slot…]

Session 419  Order and Disorder in Late Medieval English Towns

Session 434  Machaut in History [My friend Misty Schieberle’s paper]

Session 438  Coming to Terms with Medievalism (A Roundtable) [Richard Utz presiding]

Session 439  [Legal Concepts and Terminology, England, German, etc–several Sachsenspiegel papers, which are of interest to my medieval Germany research]

Session 453  Robbins Session, on Performance in Middle English Literature

Saturday 3:30 pm Sessions

Session 476  Annual Journal of Medieval Military History Lecture–A. Compton Reeves, on Sir John Radcliffe  [A no-contest–directly in my dissertation area, must go…]

Session 494  [My friend Susan Uselmann’s paper, will be good.]

Session 496  Imagining the Crusades in the Nineteenth Century [Ah, this is my girlfriend Megan Morris’ session, and the papers to which she’s responding sound fascinating…Darn Annual Lecture. Good thing I have a tolerant girlfriend.]

Session 503  Rethinking the Apocalypse [Matt Gabriele’s and Brett Whalen’s papers. It will be a pity to miss presentations by these fine younger scholars.]

Session 509  Ideology and Memory of the Crusades [Some good 3rd Crusade stuff here.]

Evening–8:00 pm, SLU reception; 10:00 pm, dance [No need to elaborate here]


Sunday 8:30 sessions

Session 527, Joan of Arc at 600 I: American Joans

Session 530  Travel and Travel Literature in the Fourteenth Century

Session 542  [My friend Kristi Castleberry’s paper, I don’t envy her the time slot…]

Sunday 10:30 sessions

Session 549  New Perspectives on John of Salisbury [John Hosler on John as Military Strategist]

Session 550  Joan of Arc at 600 II: In Her Own Time [Kelly DeVries’ paper, on ‘who won the siege of Orleans?’ {pardon the lack of diacritic marks} I’d love to hear what the answer is…]

Session 559  Commerce, Economics, and Finance in the Fourteenth Century [Christine Meek’s paper on Lucca]

Session 569 Germany and the Crusading Movement [I’m moderating this session, so this is the one I’m going to–Alan Murray is presenting a paper on Barbarossa’s army, a subject in which I have a keen interest, and my friend Dan Webb will be talking about Henry VI and crusading, ditto, so it should be a great session. Born and Johnson I don’t know, but their papers look great as well. I expect everyone to come!!]

A couple random observations:  I noticed some more coverage of Eastern Europe and Asia. Refreshing to see.  And in total, there are 574 sessions, down from 612/630 a couple years ago…

Well, that’s about it.  See everyone there!

  1. Sebastian Rider-Bezerra says:

    Too bad you won’t be at my session… although I’m sure you’ll have read/heard my paper at least three times by then.

  2. Heh, probably. I just can’t pass up White Hart/Imperial sessions, unfortunately–it’s not like I’m intending to publish the next great thing in Welsh bardic poetry, after all. 🙂

  3. Kathleen says:

    I’ve made it to the last three Zoos in a row despite getting there involving 13 hours on a plane plus the Hogwarts Express from Union Station. This year I’m sitting it out (i.e. madly trying to complete the dissertation before Leeds) and it looks like I’m going to be missing a killer. Ormrod! Given-Wilson! Green! Krug! DeVries! You had better blog some of these, or I might just cry… And say hi to everyone for me! 🙂

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