New page on East Anglian web resources

Posted: March 10, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Good afternoon all, and I hope you’re enjoying your Saturday!  [that sounds like an email…I blame WordPress’ new “instant new post” link, which I’m trying for the first time…it has a very email-like physical layout…

ANYway, the dissertation has been weighing heavily on me lately, so I’ve had to put off doing these two big posts that are in the works (one on historical memory, the other on digital humanities). However, in lieu of a big post, I just started a new page, nested under “Medieval Web Links” on web resources that will be useful to folks studying East Anglia.  The number of sites, and annotations, will grow over the next few weeks, but eventually it will reflect the full range of web resources that I’ve been using in my dissertation.  It’s rather strange, having a “web pages” section in the bibliography, but such is the “fascinating modern age we live in,” as he said on Master and Commander.  Here’s the link to the new page:

Have a great weekend!


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