Poverty in the Ivory Tower

Posted: January 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

Interesting post. Has parallels and contrasts with something I was reading the other day about the inherent “privilege” of pursuing a PhD. Also a number of points that remind me of my own childhood. In any case, I think we underestimate the inherent class biases in graduate education, and should I ever be fortunate enough to have graduate students, these are points I will remember.

Tenure, She Wrote

This post is a modified and expanded version of a post that originally appeared on my personal blog.

I went to an awesome small conference a few years ago. The location was gorgeous, I got my own room, the talks were all well prepared and about stuff I’m gaga over. There were enough acquaintances attending to feel comfortable and enough new folks to make some useful connections. Plus, the conference sponsors gave away lots of free and super nerdy books.

I also got to interact a lot more with two postdocs from my university who I had developed little science crushes on and really admired. When I prepare for discussion groups, I try to work through the material as deeply as they do. When people ask me questions, I try to respond as carefully and thoughtfully as they do. When they say a book really impressed them, I go…

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  1. Good to be aware of privilege… also underlines the idea that you ought never to do an unfunded PhD.

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