ICYMI: The Peshmerga, and other news

Posted: December 15, 2014 in current events, Warfare
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These are not subjects on which I post frequently (well, I haven’t been posting frequently on anything of late), but these articles caught my eye.

The Peshmerga has been in the news recently, in both video, here detailing the fighting in Kobani, and in image, in this case Veronique de Viguerie’s photo essay. There’s also a Kurdish news agency, which I hadn’t seen before, with recent updates such as the news that the Bundeswehr will be training some Kurdish troops.

The difficult, even bizarre, position of the Peshmerga is hinted at in this article on operations near Mosul: high morale, insufficient equipment, and facing a weakened but still formidable opponent who uses American weapons systems captured from the Iraqi Army, and whose armor Kurdish weapons can’t penetrate.

Other news sources are reporting that some Iraqi Christian communities are forming military forces, called Doekh Nawsha; story is here.  In refugee camps around Irbil, attempts to prepare Christmas celebrations are meant to help the c. 100,000 Christian refugees who have been homeless since the summer.

And on the U.S. military front, a slightly older article on the new 1st Special Forces Command, a formation doubtless designed to generate some…wait for it…synergy. Hey, what can I say, the word is trendy. But seriously, my impression is that this makes sense for fighting the kind of war the U.S. currently finds itself fighting in the Middle East. At least on face.


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