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My friends at have had this up for a while, but I think the upcoming film Ironclad deserves another boost…And c’mon, who ISN’T curious to see Paul Giamatti as King John?  The impression I get is that the is basically an excuse for a lot of bruising medieval battle sequences (a la the hard “R” rating Braveheart got for “brutal medieval warfare”).  But hey, when did that hurt anyone…I mean, once we get past the Middle Ages themselves.  Stunt guys can take a punch, or the occasional pole-ax to the groin, or the odd tumble off a castle wall, and then everyone gets up, dusts themselves off, and gets a beer, right? 

Seriously, though, I’m always pleasantly impressed when some off-beat medieval topics are deemed worthy of film treatment–for instance, whatever other flaws “The PIllars of the Earth” had/has (and they are many), it was kinda cool to see the battle of Lincoln.  I mean, what are the chances of seeing The Anarchy and Stephen’s capture on screen?  And now the siege of Rochester Castle.  Whatever the flaws, I hope we can value the film just for that…and because medieval films, even the bad ones, are usually “cool” on some level…Check out the data on Ironclad on IMDB.